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Christian Dior is a famous French fashion house, Dior has been synonymous with beautiful women, Dior was founded by French fashion designer Christian Dior in 1946, to lead the people into era of gorgeous and elegant. In addition to couture, Christian Dior products include perfumes, lingerie, jewelry, and eyewears.

In 1969, Christian Dior eyewears inovatively made by German OPTYL material. Dior was the first to use OPTYL in eyewear production. 

"Dior" means "God" (Dieu) and "Golden" (Or) in French. Thus, gold sunglasses more common in Dior collections. Christian Dior eyewears target predominantly female. Regardless plastic frames or metal frames, Christian Dior eyewears are elegant in outlines and styles.


The Summer 2016 "DiorSplit" sunglasses reinterpret a classic shape in a graphic style. 
Gold-tone metal inserts create a captivating horizontal band, while silver mirrored lenses ensure 100% UV protection.


The "Dior So Real" sunglasses are characterised by their deconstructed pantos shape that harmoniously blends architectural lines and couture spirit. The extremely lightweight frame consists of a navy blue acetate front and slender temples, together with details in pink gold-tone finished metal.
The pink semi-mirrored lenses ensure 100% UV protection.


The "DiorTechnologic" pantos-shaped sunglasses are characterised by their distinctive elegant and contemporary look. The openwork matt navy blue lacquered metal frame with silver details contrasts with the ultra-flat mirrored lenses and matt black acetate temples. 
The Boreal Blue mirrored lenses ensure 100% UV protection.

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