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Horn advantages

(Horn / bone is organic material with lowest density but rigid.)

- unique pattern and texture

- light and comfortable 

- strong

- hypo-allergic

PhD Vision

- official LINDBERG shop-in-shop
certified LINDBERG Horn optical dispensers
- high quality optical services

- life long Horn frame warranty polish service

Every LINDBERG Horn is unique 

Every LINDBERG Horn frame is a masterpiece handcrafted from natural buffalo horn. Premium buffalo horn is hypo-allergic, vibrant, warm, and comfortable to wear. 

The front of the frame features layers of laminated horn, giving this living and porous material greater strength and stability.


Low profile & Luxury: LINDBERG Horn 

LINDBERG Horn is a low profile and luxury eyewear series handcrafted from premium laminated buffalo horn and titanium.

Vibrant material - buffalo horn

Every LINDBERG Horn frame has its own pattern and colour, which will be seen differently under different lighting conditions. Every single LINDBERG Horn frame is a unique artwork in the world.

Masterpiece​ (152 processes)

LINDBERG takes pride in Danish workshop, where superior craftsmanship and advanced technology go hand in hand.

LINDBERG combines 152 in-house processes to finish each buffalo horn frame. It takes

The LINDBERG Horn frames are stripped of any unnecessary material, such as screws, rivets or soldering – leaving a clean-cut, neat design, addictive to us Danes.

1800 Horn

An exclusive collection made of multiple layers of natural horn, hand-crafted to bring out the individual nuances in the material’s colouration and markings. This means no two frames are ever alike. The temples, hinges and nose bridge inserts are all made of ultra-lightweight titanium, making the sleek classic horn frame easier to adjust, as well as adding a distinctive modern design feature.

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