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Lindberg Kid/Teen (safe + light weight)

Lindberg Kid/Teen is our no. 1 children’s line. Parents don’t come in every other day to have frames adjusted or repaired as is the case with most of other children’s frames. LINDBERG Kid/Teen is hypoallergenic as the frames are nickel-free, unlike most other flex-metal children's frames. There are wide choice of colour combinations available.

LINDBERG uses only a special type of titanium, which is also used for pacemakers and dental regulation. In addition to being hypoallergenic, this type of titanium is extremely lightweight, flexible and strong. The frames are specially designed to meet the preferences of increasingly fashion-conscious children and young people, with a degree of durability, flexibility, for active children and teenagers.

Thanks to the extreme flexibility and strength of the titanium wire, the LINDBERG Kid/Teen frames are so strong that they will hardly ever cause any problems, not even in rough and tumble situations or when playing games.

12 year old Kamerin – USA National Team Member – wearing LINDBERG Eyeglasses

The fact that the Lindberg rim frames virtually disappear on the face is a big plus for parents who want to see their child and not the eyewear. 


"As for the children, they simply forget that they are wearing glasses!" Jacqueline Stanley Opticians, New Jersey, USA

LINDBERG nose pads are made of medical silicone. The design allows for the nose pad to adapt to the individual nose, and the silicone material provides optimum comfort and keeps the spectacles in place.

"It looks good, you can barely feel that you are wearing glasses and the frames can resist virtually anything…"

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