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ic! Berlin By Ralph Anderl
(So  strong  but  still  so  light)

The brand spirit of ic! berlin is: ''So  strong  but  still  so  light'

Design and manufactured in Germany, ic! berlin equipped with global patented screw-less hinge mechanics, that makes it firm, sturdy and comfortable.

There are two main unique features of ic! Berlin design:


Thin + Light

When contemporary design meets minimalism, the traditional culture and style of Germany is fully expressed, just as other historical Germany masterpieces.

ic! berlin steel frames are made from special spring steel that have improved over many years to maximize flexibility and strength. It fits different users' facial form and not easy to breakdown as well as causing any discomfort from wearing.

The Art of Engineering

The unique selling proposition of ic! Berlin is producing and distributing glasses made of high quality steel without screws. It is the first one doing screwless hinges for spring steel frames. The patented screwless spring hinge design helps to prevent the frame structure from being loose or deformation. The apply of silica gel nose pads can well protect the brige of nose.

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Watch as our electric Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process transforms our cold stainless steel into brilliant, sparkling, colourful sheetmetalglasses. This ain't no slap-dash paint-job: we vacuum deposit an extra thin layer of crystals directly into the surface of the metal that reflects light in certain wavelengths. Like a rainbow. Just as beautiful, only permanent! 

We care about your look and how you look

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