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Eye Exam

(Adult + kid (from 4 years old))


1. Vision and Refraction Assessment

Our Centre provides eye test for Adults and children from 4 years old. The visual acuity (sight clarity) and refractive error (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia) are tested.

2. Squint / Crossed-eyes Assessment

By assessment of co-ordination of the two eyes , squint and other extra-ocular muscles problems will be found out. The binocular co-ordination of eyes can be reinforced by visual training management.

3. Color Vision Assessment

Identifying any color vision deficiency, consultation and advice will be provided. 

Tailor-make color deficiency rehabilitation devices, such as glasses and contact lenses, to improve quality of life.

4. Ocular Health Assessment


Ocular health assessment on cornea, crystalline lens, retina, macula and eye pressure etc. would be carried out by the use of a series of professional ophthalmic equipment. Dilation of the pupils (with eye drops) for peripheral retinal examination would be conducted if needed. 

myopia degeneration
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